Bouquet Subscriptions

            We at Snapdragon Flowers are here to make your life a little more magical by bringing the natural beauty of flowers to your home. In the age of perpetual motion why give yourself another project or errand? Invest in the beauty of floristry & the sanctuary of your space. Come home to the instant gratification of enchantingly arranged florals.

Snapdragon Flowers Bouquet Subscriptions are a perfect way to keep living spaces fresh, gift a friend, loved one, new parent, co-worker or brighten your restaurant or shop. Each bouquet is made up of both local and mindfully imported seasonal treats from nature arranged in natural brown tissue and wrapped in our signature re-purposed French flour sack. Our arrangements range from the unusual to the classical.

We offer weekly, monthly, & quarterly deliveries. You can save up to 25% on flowers by signing up for our subscription. Pause your subscription at any time. All bouquets already include tax and included delivery is part of the perk. We deliver within the greater Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. If you have questions as to if we deliver in your area please call us at (267) 209-6066. Deliveries are made on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If those times are inconvenient you may make alternative arrangements. 

Please have someone place your florals in water if they will be sitting for a while. We do not deliver our blooms with Wet Packs in the winter months. In the summer we do provide stem moisture but because of the heat you will need to transfer the blooms within the same time frame. Please visit our page "Cut Flower Care" for more information on basic cut flower care.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other local floral subscriptions and CSA plans there is no cutting, stripping, or arranging. It is our promise to keep your space beautiful year round, through every season. While never making you lift a finger other than to place your arrangement in your favorite vessel of choice. 

To start your plan you will first:


Petit - This is a "nosegay" style, & can fit nicely in a Mason jar sized vessel.

Small- This bouquet is small but mighty. Perfect for a 6" vessel.

Medium-Our medium size is the most requested. It is perfect for every occasion & space.

Large- Our large bouquet is the ultimate statement & transforms any room into a sanctuary.

Zaftig- So you want to live large?. Like the Yiddish word,this bouquet is plump, full and all the "extra" everyone needs sometimes. Expect nothing less than the fantastical.

Our Subscription Plans:

12 Month Plan (1 bouquet every month, 12 total) Petit-$204.00, Small-$324.00, Medium-$444.00, Large-$660.00, Zaftig-$840.00

6 Month Plan (1 bouquet every month, 6 total) Petit-$102.00, Small-$162.00, Medium-$222.00, Large: $330.00, Zaftig-$420.00 (Our Most Popular Plan)

3 Month Plan (1 order every month, 3 total) Petit-$51.00, Small-$81.00, Medium-$111.00, Large-$165.00, Zaftig-$210.00


Then you will either come to the shop or over the phone discuss when you would like your first delivery. After that expect nothing but magic and serenity.


Other plans, such as daily home & office arrangements or corporate installations are available by arrangement through a consultation in our shop or in the privacy of your home or office. Our discreet service is something we pride ourselves on and our discerning clientele appreciate.