A Day in the Garden

A few weeks ago, due to the world and wedding season excitement I was in great need of some time with a friend. Well, leave it to my dear friend Charity to invite me to her most beautiful abode in Ardmore. I pulled up to a cluster of sweet white farm houses, an inviting gate worthy of Frances Hodgson Burnett's pen. She led me into a lovely aromatic kitchen. Produce and fresh ingredients peopled the white tiled counters. Within seconds it seemed I was treated to the most elegant brunches. 

After enjoying a leisurely lunch we walked outside to a spring where we spread a sumptuous throw and sat talking about the resident groundhog, laughing at the antics of chipmunks and wondering if there was intact a pumpkin growing from the compost pile. (It has happened at my home before.) 


We were then bitten by misquotes and I started spotting distracting pops of color behind me. So I asked to explore the gardens. The slate stones burnt our feet but our curiosity carried us away. Some slate steps led to a deep, clear koi pond. With the fish being as large as adolescent ferrets. Orange and white, black spotted ones all swirly and seductive. There was a huge purple banana tree leaning over the pond. Another pondlike the steps followed from the bottom and ended at the top in a waterfall. All along the way species of flowers were gathering in wild yet well planned clusters and mounds. The second pool was filled with what I first saw as water liliesbut were lotuses upon noticing the green pods and pointed petals. 


I could keep carrying on but I feel the need to show you some photos of that day.

The cacti were particularly curious to me. 


Thank you Charity!