Rooms in Bloom

This is our first year in business and so from the ride has been both horrifically frightening and extremely exciting. Around every bend there is a new surprise or disaster. 

The reality of small business start-ups is for real and the grit needed to stay with it true to the tales I have heard. Still we fall deeper and deeper in love with our creation.

This April we were invited to take part in “Rooms in Bloom”. Rooms in Bloom 2016 is a tour of the historic houses of Fairmount Park. Guests were invited to purchase tickets through The Philadelphia Museum of Art for a trolley tour of the “Park Charms” which is another way of describing these mansions. 

David and I were delighted to be decorating the Lemon Hill Mansion. We were asked to create a reception scene. And we did! The people running the show were a delight to work with as are most of the beautiful people in this city. 

The morning was cold as we drove from flower market to market collecting the blooms we had saved for last minute. We made some of the arrangements in our shop and as is our practice saved some for onsite construction.

No body wants a saggy fleur. So we made sure to time exactly when the Asiatic Lilies and Sweetheart Roses would bloom.

At the end of the day we had a “Table-Scape” of Sheet Moss, Key Limes, Wax Flower, Pincushions, Yellow Roses, White Snapdragons and many more surprises. A cake decorated with succulents, a mantle with a bursting centerpiece and the buffet head three arrangements cadged by gold White Tailed Deer antlers. Pictures tell a better story. All went well and we came back after days to happy healthy arrangements and good reviews. 

We will be back at Lemon Hill come December decorating for the holidays.