Happy 2017!

Hello Friends and Happy 2017! It has been a busy year full of surprises and blessings for Snapdragon Flowers filled with the sent of Palo Santo, paperweights and blood oranges. We are so excited to be part of the Philadelphia floral world and look forward with creative inspiration and joy to 2017. A year that no doubt will need the company of flowers. 


2016 saw a lot of changes. We gained a new staff member,Tyneisha Bowens on Sundays. She is a creative, beautiful, herbalist and fellow Flower child. We will now be open on Sunday. We have found ourselves working on larger weddings, which we love. And after a Soul Reading in Woodstock I am now aware we might need another space for creating large pieces and storing more blooms. After our first year we are now brainstorming , scheming & changing our rules, routines while striving to make celebratory planning, shop transactions and the administration aspect of flower shop life smoother & more streamlined for our clients.


This years changes are not only shop orientated I myself am trying to identify the micro things that make me feel happiness. Botanicals make me happy and will forever and ever. Especially Mini Pineapples, Moss, King Protea, Sweet Pea and Navajo Blackberries from Japan, all winter flowers. Gemstones also make me happy and we have added to our collection and shall debut our line of GemFlower Elixirs in the spring.

The most happy making but not so micro, exciting news of all is that we will be in this years PHS Flower Show! 


We have been busy with all the planning and designing and will keep you all posted with whatever news we get. This year the theme is Holland and we will be working from the folklore and folk art of the Netherlands. 


Two Beautiful Brides

This was a beautiful wedding to work on. I got a teaser picture and there are more to come.Watching family come together to make a beautiful day for their loved ones was a moving experience and solidified every reason I went into this vocation.